LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser
LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser

How you can find us

LaserTechs e.K. is located at the following address: Mühlstrasse 100, Industriepark

63741 Aschaffenburg



LaserTechs is based at Mühlstrasse 100, which is a small industrial park. Historically all buildings used to belong to one enterprise with the major office building being directly accessible from the main road "Mühlstrasse". Today these buildings of the "Industriepark" accomodate different companies and can be reached via "Strietwaldstrasse".
Please check our download-map for details.

Location Map
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Kontakt / Contact

LaserTechs e.K.
Mühlstraße 100
63741 Aschaffenburg


T: +49 (0) 6021 3697 170
F: +49 (0) 6021 3697 549
E: LDM [at]

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